Saturday, September 10, 2011

Math Viva Voce

S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 1

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for my Math Viva Voce project.
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S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection:

Through this performance task i have faced a few challenges and further understand these type of question. Because I had to explain the question and how to solve it, i took a longer time to finish it as i need to explain how to solve the question. Keeping in mind that what i explained had to be easily understandable to others, as they do not share the same thoughts as me. Over time I was able to explain my thoughts and making them understandable to solving the question.

Through this Performance Task, I have learnt how to explain to myself the question before solving it, so that I can understand the question and solve it easily. Now i can read out my thoughts to explain questions more easily.

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