Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maths Heuristics Question 2 (Deepika, Rhea and Jun Jie)

Aaron,Ben and Charles shared 110 marbles.Ben received twice as many marbles as Aaron.Charles received 10 more marbles than Aaron.How many marbles did each boy receive?


Let the no. of marbles that Aaron has be x.

Aaron has x marbles.

Ben has x*2=2x marbles.

Charles has x+10 marbles.

Total number of marbles would be x+2x+x+10 marbles which equals to 4x+10 marbles.

110 marbles equals to 4x+10 marbles

4x=100 marbles

x=100/4= 25



Aaron had 25 marbles.

Ben had 50 marbles.

Charles had 35 marbles.

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