Sunday, September 11, 2011

Math Viva Voce

S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 3

Please click here for my Math Viva Voce project.

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S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection

From this Performance Task i was able to learnt that explaining a question clearly and efficiently is not a task.Sometime teaching someone through slides is easier.But the hard part will be keeping the explanation coherent or the audience might get lost.It is also best to keep the explanation short and simple and not have it too complicated.

The challenges that i faced was to phrase the structure easily and puts it neatly into the powerpoint slides so that the audience will be able to understand.It was also important to make it clear as the audience will not be able to ask you questions so it was challenging to make sure that the slides was clear so that they can understand it.

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