Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maths Performance Task (review)

Transportation Challenge (Review)

My heartiest thanks to all for your wonderful effort in completing and submitting the Mathematics Performance Task (Transportation Challenge).
You have all performed beyond my expectations. Given about a week to complete the poster and personal write-up, indeed the end products set a new bench mark for future SST students to emulate. I have already tabulated the results and provided comments to all the teams. I will discuss this further when we meet next term. You have been rewarded based on the effort demonstrated in your 2 tasks - kudos especially to those who put in the extra effort.

I have included 5 posters from S1-05 to S1-09 for your perusal.

Please add constructive comments on your thoughts and possible learning points for yourself and post as a comment.







  1. I learned that a poster must not only must require the accurate and correct information but also have a nice appearance to attract people to look at it.

  2. I think all the posters are very attractive though the last one could maybe organize the information on the page a bit better and maybe add some pictures. My learning point would be that posters need to capture the audience's attention and it needs to provide clear and accurate information but also be brief at the same time.

  3. I have learnt the importance of capturing the reader's attention and desire to want to read on, using interesting and attractive statements, colourful designs or creative fonts. Also that it is very important that the information on posters need to be thoroughly checked, as some might be false information.

  4. From this performance task, I've learnt how important statistics is in life. It helps me to read information clearly and quickly. I've also learnt that presenting a data is important as it attracts people's attention when we are viewing it; The poster has to be colourful and attractive, and the information on it has to be simple and not too complicated to read and understand.

  5. I have learnt that a Poster must be attractive to the intended audience and must portray the data in a simple way so that the intended audience can easily understand what is the motive of the Poster. If the Data shown is complicated, the reader might not be interested in reading the whole of the poster as he/she might think it is boring.This is where the attractiveness of the Poster plays its role.If the poster is very attractive,it might help to entice the reader to the read the whole poster.