Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reflection: About my Maths Learning in Term 1

It's been 10 weeks that we are in this Maths Classroom... we have covered 3 topics... we have tried a range of learning activities...

Let's recall and reflect ...
  1. Share one or more things that you like about the Maths lessons, and you hope to continue seeing it happening in Term 2?
  2. What are your challenges when learning the concepts and mastering the skills in Chapter 1 & Chapter 2?
  3. Name one or more things that would help you learn better.


  1. 1. I would like to do the Ace-learning Quizzes and the 6am quiz during Term 2!
    2. The topics were very hard to understand at first but slowly i began to understand it!
    3. Netlogo 4.1/ Ti-nspire.

  2. I Like The fun learning and the fun teacher,L learned many ways to do math questions too.I took quite a long time to learn the concepts and some concepts are quite hard.I would prefer more homework to help us learn better.

  3. 1: Math questions are very interesting and it has been made even more interesting using the MacBook. In my opinion, using the MacBook to learn will make math easier to learn.
    2: I was not able to understand some concepts at first but in the end, I understood it.
    3: I would like to brush up on my concepts and some hard questions. I would like to be more careful.

  4. 1.I hope to continue having fun during math lessons :D
    2.I understood some but it was fun :)
    3.Maybe allow us to listen to music while doing individual work?

  5. 1.The maths lessons were very fun and engaging and I hope that it will continue in term 2
    2.At first, I was still not used to the new way of learning without textbooks,that definitely was a problem at first.
    3.I would like more hands-on activity to apply the concepts we learnt.

    2.I couldn't understand some of the concept. After asking a lot of people, I mange to find out.
    3.More question that are engaging

  7. 1.hands on questions.
    3.i would like some extremely hard questions sometimes.

  8. 1. I like mr Johari's way of teaching as it is very interesting and he really connects with us.

    2. I make careless mistakes.

    3. We could learn how to use the applications installed on the mac for lessons

  9. I hope that we can do more poster and group work.
    At first i was unable to some of the topic but now i understand.More ace learning quizzes.

  10. 1. i would like to do the group work
    2.some of the topics were hard to understand but after that it was quite ok...
    3. ace learning

  11. 1. It is more fun when we get to do interesting activities instead of the usual pen and paper all the time :P
    2. So far, none. Its usually all careless :S
    3. Listen to music? (only for those who can concentrate with it :D)

  12. 1. I like the interaction during class and I have grown to like Math much more now.
    2. At first I thought secondary Mathematics would be very challenging due to the introduction of new topics but I found out it was an extraction of primary school topics together with a combination of a few new topics.
    3. More practice.

  13. 1. Fun, group work
    2. It was a bit complicated but i understood
    3. Field trips? applied learning

  14. I like the maths lesson because Mr Johari is funny and he explains the concept very clearly. Chapter 1 and 2 is not really topics that are hard to understand and i think i just need a little bit more practice.Maybe Mr Johari could have some extra lessons after school to explain the concepts we do not know to us.

  15. 1. I really like to see more hands-on activity, such as teamworks as it is important and fun. I would like to see more of those activities in Term 2.

    2. I was really confused when it came to the 2nd chapter as I didnt really get the concept of the negetive and positive numbers, but I can understand it better now.

    3. Honestly, I have no idea how to make myself learn better because I am already quite happy with the situation I am in now. But... maybe I could do with some improvement. Overall on the class's behalf, listening to music can stimulate the brain and keep it active.

  16. 1.i like maths if i understand the concept real well and i hope that instead of talking, i would like more examples (models etc)
    2.i don't understand the concept and i got confused by a lot of things like rational number, irrational number,prime factorization, HCF, LCM. etc
    3.I Just need to understand the topic/concept

  17. 1 I would like to do more ACE learning Quizzes and project related to maths eg.The posters
    2.Challenges i face are more of carelessness:(
    3.More worksheets and challenging questions will help us to overcome the habit of making careless mistakes and be more careful.:)

  18. 1.I Like interesting and fun math question , i hope to see more of these questions.

    2.I couldn't understand some of the questions but i tried and they were interesting.

    3.The math questions could be more interesting

  19. 1. I like Maths lessons as they require us to find out information on a certain topic ourselves.
    2. Sometimes when I search for too much information, I'll get confused with all the concepts and formulas
    3. MrJ should go through more tougher question in class with us (:

  20. 1) Everything is fun! and the teacher is making learningMaths FUN!
    2)The topics were hard to understand at first but i understood them afterwards.
    3) Teacher,Macbook, ACE-Learning

  21. I like the fun lessons
    I would like harder questions

  22. 1.Fun Lessons
    2.I need to be more careful
    3.Difficult and complicated questions