Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation - Decimals & Significant Figures


In this chapter, we will learn to

  • Round off numbers to a required number of decimal places
  • Round off numbers to a required number of significant figures
  • Estimate the results of computation
  • Understand the concepts of rounding & truncation errors
Let's revisit something we know...
Rounding Off Numbers to a required number of Decimal places

Quick Notes:

Try the following
to recall what you are familiar with...

Activity 1: BBC Skillwise "Rounding & Estimating Number" Quiz

Activity 2: Rounding Quiz

Activity 3: Half Court Rounding

Activity 4: Estimation Valley Golf


  1. Mr Johari, the entire thing is in html code.

  2. Thanks Rhea - have made changes to it.