Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation - An Introduction (Preparation)

What's the difference between these 2 words - Approximation & Estimation?

On your own, go through the learning activity in the following website

At the end of the 'visit', you should be able to tell the difference between approximation and estimation, and when each is used in real world...

Write a summary to illustrate the KEY DIFFERENCES between Estimation and Approximation. Submit your write-up as a Comment under this posting.


  1. Approximation means rounding up the number to the stated decimal place after you have done the sum. Estimation means rounding up both numbers in the sum before you have done the sum

  2. The sum means adding subtracting dividing or multiplying

  3. Estimating is the way to make the answer of a multiplication question rounded off to the nearest ten hundred or thousand.

    Approximation is the way to make a number with or without the decimal place rounded of into the nearest ten,hundred,thousand, hundredth,tenth and thousandth.

  4. Estimating is when a number is rounded off before any operation.

    Approximation is when a number is rounded up or down after an operation.

  5. Estimating is for whole numbers.

    Rounding is for decimal.

  6. Approximation and Estimation
    Approximation is rounding off the answers to make it simpler while Estimation is rounding off the numbers to be more simple before doing the sum to get a rough estimate about what the answer should be.
    Approximation is mostly used on decimal points to make it easier to read while Estimation is mostly used on every number

  7. Estimation is carried out when the result of a sum, product, divide, subtract is not carried out while Approximation is carried out on the answer. Therefore answer gap of estimation and approximation is wide. E.g: The actual answer is 13 X 16 = 208 . In estimation, it becomes 10 X 20= 200 where as Approximation is 13 X 16~210. Approximation is closer to the answer than estimation. Estimation is easier to work out but answer may be off while approximation is harder to work with but the answer is more accurate.

  8. estimating: rounding the values of a calculation to one significant figure and doing the calculation mentally to estimate what is the result. when you round the value, you either round it to the upper bound or the lower bound. the lower bound is 5 units lower than the original number, and the upper bound is 5 units lower than the original number.

    rounding: writing the values of a given number to the nearest number of digits. for example, when you need to round 24.5678 to the nearest 2 decimal places, you write the value as 24.57. when you round something off, you have to round it off the the nearer bound: the upper or lower one.

  9. Approximation is rounding the number to a significant figure, decimal place while estimation is the rough answer of numbers being multiplied.

  10. Approximation means to change the number into the specific number of decimal.

    Estimation means to round up or down the number before you multiply add divide or minus them

  11. Approximation is rounding off or up the decimals of the number.can be 3 2 1 number round up.
    Estimation is rounding up the number in the working to make it the rough calculation for that number.E.G 1512x1892=1500x1900 i think

  12. Estimation : We round the number up or down to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths or thousandths, etc. before adding both the values up.

    Approximation : We round the number up or down to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths or thousandths, etc. after adding both the actual values up.

  13. Estimation:
    >Estimation is a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or the extent of something.

    >Approximation is to estimate a number, amount or total, often to the nearest 10 or 100

  14. Estimation is rounding off a singular number to the nearest easy-to-work-with number frequently in multiples of 10 or sometimes in decimals.

    Approximation is rounding off ALL the numbers in the number statement then proceeding with calculating the number statement before arriving at an approximate answer.

  15. an approximated answer is rounding of the number after all the sums are done

    an estimated answer is rounding up or down the numbers which are adding or subtracting or multiplying or dividing and then getting the final answer.

  16. Approximation is rounding off the answers

    Estimation Is Rounding the number to make it easier either in multiplication/adding/subtracting/dividing.